Goodbye Ms. Beer Wench, Wherever you are.

September 16, 2008

Last Sunday we made the trip out for the farewell to our good friend the Beer Wench. Lively and fun, no great new beers to be seen on tap.  Just for grins I revisited Columbus Pale Ale, Great Lakes Oktoberfest, and Bell’s Two Hearted.

Even if you are the current top area beer blogger by the evacuation of one Wench, it’s very hard to say goodbye to someone you’ve had such fond memories with.  She brought in a great share of personality to our fair beer scene, who else have you seen bring card games into these fine craft bars?  That is one great idea if I have ever seen one.

With that in mind and our great beer tasting memories still lingering in my head I assembled a mixed six pack that hopefully would have many beers that she won’t be finding in Florida.  I attempted to focus on the midwest because we all know, as soon as you’re out of this hole, nothing else comes with it, not even the great beers.

The mixed six was:
Three Floyds Dreadnaught
Bell’s Expedition Stout
Clipper City Balto Marz-hon
Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire
Great Lakes Imperial Dortmunder
Paulaner Oktoberfest

Well, clearly the Paulaner doesn’t fit in with the rest, but I had to have something perfectly fitting a style, and really nothing here matches a style exactly.  Three Floyds is close to a Double/Imperial IPA, and same thing with Bell’s Expedition and the Russian Imperial stout.  Also with that and Balto, there can be a head to head similarities/differences tasting, which I’m all for.

I may do a rundown on styles if I run low on material to write about here in the future much like accidental hedonist’s know your/eat your series.  Right now I have a lot of material, but I may do a cliff’s notes version of the beer styles if I begin to run low at some point.  Oktoberfests brought this to my mind as there are so many that are off style and still so many that are on style as well.

In similar news, the title says wherever you are to Ms. Routson, but I know quite well where she is.  She is currently headed to the Dogfish Brewery in Milton, DE.  Having been there before, I know she will have a blast.  Related to that:  Tomorrow, at Bodega, the midwest Dogfish Head rep will be there pouring “something special”.  I have had many special things from Dogfish in the past and specifically from Bill (if he’s still the rep).  So this is something to look forward to.  I’m expecting something on a randall (a hop vaccuum invention that Dogfish loves to use).  Or another beer that I have been looking forward to all year.  Theobrama, the next in Dogfish’s ancient beer series.

So hope to see folks Wednesday.  I’m going to look into why none of my blog posts are appearing to the public.

Immediately after checking into this, I found bloglines to be the worst way for me to get my blog out to people, so I killed off that blog and transferred it to this one.


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