September 16, 2008

I had all these first 3 posts on bloglines, but realized very quickly that it was the worst format for blogging ever made, so I am migrating the entire blog immediately.  Hopefully nothing will get lost in transition.

Well, it looks as if I finally have gotten around to making this beer blog that will chronicle the beer goings on in the Columbus area.  To kick things off, I’ll show some of the places I’ll be focusing on here in the big city.  Perhaps I should start off by saying a bit about myself and my background.

I am an avid homebrewer and have been brewing for about 4 years now, I have taken the ungodly BJCP test and have also become a certified beer judge and occasionally have the opportunity to judge in such things as the Ohio State Fair.  Last year I was the Vice President of the local Dayton home brew club, DRAFT, and at the same time was a beer/home brew manager at the local retailer Belmont Party Supply.  Since then I have moved to Columbus as of April 2008.

While there is an ample tap selection and a decent amount of people with beer knowledge, I am utterly dissapointed in the amount of beer tastings and appreciation in the area.  Retailers are very few and far between and for the most part, the people are really pushing for this college town to be a wine city.  Hmm.. 3rd highest amount of beer drinkers in the country and everyone is pushing wine?  It just doesn’t really add up.  Is the wine drinkers’ dollar greener than mine?  Maybe they do have more money, but I have money as well.  Due to this and other scorn I get as a beer drinker, I have named this blog:  You’re Not Welcome Here.

I assure you as beer, or even wine drinkers that you are very welcome to visit this blog.  I will cater to the novice and the seasoned beer drinker alike and explain why the beers that I drink taste correct or incorrect at given times.  I hope to educate the area and give them a little something to think about while they are out getting shitfaced.

That said, I suppose I should continue on with some of the places I will be visiting and writing about on this blog.

One place I regularly frequent is Bodega.  A tap room with 50 taps and probably somewhere around 80 bottles.  I should probably mention that this pic is blatantly stolen from  No, I couldn’t find a good image of the outside of the place.

Barley’s Brewing
Barley’s, both the smokehouse and the downtown location is another great place to frequent here in the fine city of Columbus.  Currently I’ve been favoring the downtown location to the smokehouse, but both locations have great food and brews that I will be elaborating upon further very soon.

Columbus Brewing Company
That’s right, I’m fresh out of images to steal.  Not a lot of brewpub pride in this neck of Ohio, but I’m looking to change that and hopefully somewhere in the midst of this I can get a digital camera and start getting some fresh images up online.  Anyway, Columbus is a great brewery as well and has one of the most balanced pale ales in the beer world.  I’ll elaborate more on them later.

Elevator Brewery
The brewery pumps out a lot of different beers at the restaurant on High St.  They aren’t all winners, but I’m trying to get a mug from them so I’ll be sure to review more of their beers.  Also, the root beer they have on tap is top notch.

Gordon Biersch
The Columbus location has some very well made beers and the head brewer there is the current vice president of the local Columbus home brew club, SODZ.  I visit there once in a while and don’t hear much about them.  I can’t imagine why not though outside of the fact that people prefer ales to lagers.  The lagers are very well made and I’ll have to feature them a bit.

Grapes of Mirth
Located in North Market downtown, this is one of the very few decent retail locations to get beer.  I’ll be mentioning where I got the beer so I’ll be sure to include this place many times.  Also, there is a local microbrewery tasting coming up there this weekend, so I’ll be elaborating very soon.

I will also attempt to cover other areas and do more than make this a beer reviewing blog.  I’m going to try to do more homebrewing in my free time over here, so I’ll definately be covering that and perhaps even some tasting events of my own.  There will be many updates, so I encourage those with the RSS capability to get on the subscriptions so they can see what’s going on in the fair city of Columbus.


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