October Movie Season in full effect part 2

October 17, 2008

Well the Studio 35 review got a little long and didn’t say anything about this weekend and what’s going on.

This weekend the Drexel theater on Main St.  Which I have never been to, is having an all night horror movie marathon which I will have to attend as well.  As stated in earlier posts, I love horror movies and marathons are perfect venues for this kind of thing.  For those interested, check the link, but it’s Saturday October 18th 10PM to sometime Sunday morning, and it’s $20.  I wonder if I can smuggle in a cooler?

In other beer news, Firkin Friday is later on today after I wake up again, and the beers du Friday will be:

Smokehouse:  Maclenny’s Scottish Ale, which I don’t think I have tried yet.

They also released a Raspberry Infused Saison tonight.  Which really intrigues me as I have brewed one as well.  They also have Lagunitas Imperial Red on tap and I just can’t say enough good things about that one.


Downtown:  Barley’s Barley Wine.  Another I have not tried, but I had better before it’s too late.  Hope it’s still there when I get off work.

Holy crap.  Columbus Beer news.. Just what I always wanted.  I can’t wait to hear more. Gotta love strong beer season.  Hopefully I’ll have more updates in the near future.


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