Firkin Friday for Today October 24

October 24, 2008

Here we are at another firkin friday.  And it looks like I missed out on the firkin barleywine last week.  There will be another chance I hope as it’s one I was really looking forward to.

Today we have at the downtown location, the Barley’s Pale dry hopped with Summit hops.  I have a feeling I’ll make it out just to have a bit more of the pale the best way that it’s available.

At the Smokehouse we have the Centennial IPA also dry hopped with Simcoe, which is nothing new for them really, but worth a swill if you end up in that area, and of course the food is to die for as well.

Also on tap at the Smokehouse we have a Belgian Dark from Bear Republic that I’ve never heard of, Crazy Ivan.  If I make it out, I’ll be trying that one for sure.  We also have the amazing double IPA from Southern Tier, Unearthy.  If you haven’t tried that and love IPA’s, this is one for you to try now.  Take off work early for it.  They also have Lagunitas Imperial Red which is one of my favorite red ales and is worth a pint or three.

Also for the horror movie fans, Studio 35 (with 16 beers on tap) is airing Evil Dead 2 tonight at 11PM, and an encore showing on Halloween, October 31, at 11PM as well.

Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin and Great Lakes Nosferatu are still on tap there and that’s just a fraction of the good beers they have on hand.  For $5 movies, you really can’t go wrong with our friends in Clintonville, Studio 35.

So there is today’s beer news for Columbus.  I’ll keep my eyes open for more better beers and keep the world posted.


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