Another day another president, very little with beer.

November 7, 2008

This election is no big surprise to me so I have very little to say about it except that while I’m happy about the guy that won.  We should wait and see what happens before getting all dancing in the streets about it.

Moving on.  Beer wise we haven’t had much happen in this Columbus area.  Elevator has released their pumpkin beer and it is actually good!  It is standardly a pumpkin beer, nothing fancy schmancy and imperial about it, but it is well made and is a solid pumpkin beer.  I’ll have my review on that later in the weekend.  Right now I need to keep everyone informed about today activities before I miss them and go to work.

For this rainy firkin friday, we have the *yawn* centennial IPA at the Smokehouse, which by the way had an awesome oyster and stout pairing.  I had never tried the two together even though I have made an oyster stout in my past.  Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal stout and oysters.. NOM! as the cats would say.

Also, they have the new raspberry saison.  Which isn’t really correct for the season, but hey, neither is the season itself if you haven’t been paying attention to the weather, so we’ll let that pass.  The raspberry saison is awesome if you love fruit beers and very good if you just like them like myself.  It is one I would get a growler of just to try it next to my own raspberry strawberry saison, that I still have one 22oz bottle of here in the Columbus area.  Anyone feeling adventureous and want to crack that thing with me?

Smokehouse also has Bear Republic Crazy Ivan Belgian IPA which could be the best Belgian IPA I have ever had from this new beer style.  Southern Tier Unearthy, a very powerful and delicious Imperial IPA, and it looks like they still have last weeks stouts which are all a home run in my book (my book not written or published at this time or likely in the future).

On to downtown where it’s easy to get around to other places such as the Rhumba room on Summit where Chicago Afrobeat Project is playing tonight…

Downtown we have MacLenny’s Scottish ale.  I’ll be brutally honest, neither of these firkins really persuade me to come out to these places, but given the choices of other taps they have on, I would come out here or to the smokehouse.  They also claim to have Barley’s Weizenbock on tap, which I would be very keen to give a try.  Weizenbock isn’t a style we see a lot of and they are delicious.  Their guest taps are nothing to write home about and I would just go with the local brews if I were drinking over there downtown.

Of course downtown we do also have Bodega which has a stunning 50 beer lineup right now including Crazy Ivan, Founders Breakfast Stout, Founders Old Curmudgeon (review forthcoming), and Brooklyn Winter which was one of the best suprise good beers I’ve come across for a while.

I’ve got to keep this post short because I have some work to do.  I’ll update further on the weekend, I promise.  Thank you for reading, hopefully my Columbus updates are worthwhile to someone out there.

Come on beer tastings.. Where are you out here?


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