sickness = lack of updates.

November 21, 2008

I said I would update more frequently and I only got worse.  For that I apologise.  I am massively sick and everything I taste and smell is like Doral cigarettes.  Just about the worst tasting flavor in the world.

Even now I have to keep this short because I can’t really drink any of these beers I’m mentioning and it’s just sad, but these next beers were most definitely post worthy as I would love to get out and try them in any other condition than my current one.

It’s Friday so Barley’s Smokehouse has a Double IPA dry hopped with Sterling hops on the firkin and the downtown location has Ivan Porter dry hopped with Summit in the cask.  I would make it out to both of these just to give them a try and I hope I get better in time this weekend.  Before I got sick I tried the Weizenbock at the downtown location and it was phenomonal.  There are reasons to get growlers at both locations, and the Smokehouse currently has Founders Backwoods Bastard on tap.

Hopefully I’ll have some more content up before Thanksgiving, but I can’t gaurentee anything.  This sickness has gone on for a week and I really need it to go away soon.  I can’t even drink beer!  It’s my one way of staying hydrated!  No wonder I’m sick!


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