Hiatus on the Horizon

December 22, 2008

I promised updates, but things happen and I am a liar this time.

Little did I know that my hard work would eventually pay off and I would get a promotion to some form of managarial business instead of the normal peon work that I was doing.  As an end result I am getting massively more hours and training.  During this time I am drinking beers, but don’t have near the time to blog about them as I usually do.

Then we have yesterday.  I was actually going to buckle down and post and the good old lappy crashed something fierce.  Now it has a hardware issue and will have to go somewhere to be fixed so the ETA on that coming back is who knows just yet.

Anyway… This week Barley’s had the Christmas ale on the firkin downtown and I’ve had the beer both ways.  Let me say this, the firkin is the way to go there.

Coming up in January, Studio 35 will be having a Big Lebowski beer tasting that is said to rival all others.  I’m not sure if I’ll have a computer to update on by then.  Also in late January, I’ll be having a South Beach beer excursion, so I’ll see what another area has in the way of craft beer.

Here’s to hoping that I come back to blog again soon, but who knows how soon that will be.